who are we?

Grainvest Group serves as a pillar in the trading of agricultural commodities, supported by over 20 years of experience. Throughout this period, we have cultivated a substantial client base and established strong relationships. Additionally, we have strategically diversified our investments across various sectors within the agricultural industry.



Our areas of expertise include soft commodity trading, livestock, cattle, feedlot operations, and industrial chemicals.


We are preparing to venture into the field of agriculture and is currently making plans to commence farming operations in the near future.

Dalevest App

An agricultural information app specifically catering for South Africans. Including data from the SA and US Grain Markets. With free live price updates from the JSE! Live feeds of the USD/ZAR exchange rate and US Dollar prices of CBOT crops.

Daily info and charting for the main South African crops. Financial analysis on charts, choosing from a variety of graph formulae. Rand Dollar currency exchange rates and local weather. Daily info and reports on the current meat prices and market status.

Live rainfall tracking with our own devices. More areas added every week, so keep watching for yours. Chat with fellow Dalevest users and discuss any agricultural topic. Get quotes for option trades!

Let Dalevest assist you in getting the best quotes for grain sitting on your farm or in silos.