Back to Back Trading

Grainvest Physicals deals with the back to back trading of a wide range of agricultural commodities such as grains, oil seeds, raw material, and fertilizer. A wide range of commodities such as maize, wheat, sunflowers, soyas etc. are also traded on SAFEX by the experienced and dedicated traders who form part of the Grainvest Team.

An excess of 650 000 mt is traded annually.

Farm to Plate

In2Fresh drives the strategy of “Farm to Plate” bringing the freshest fruit and vegetables along with expert knowledge and service delivery. I2F trades approximately R75 million worth of fruit and vegetables per year.

Apples, citrus and grapes are the most dominant fruit lines and potatoes, onions and butternuts are the most popularly traded vegetables.

Coal Trading

Coalvest was formed in 2007 as a subsidiary of the Grainvest Group. Coalvest is a coal trading company both based and operating within South Africa. Coalvest business expands into other markets such as electricity, steel, mining and petroleum.

Derivative World of Commodities

RussellStone International is a member of the South African Futures Exchange specializing in the derivative world of commodities.

RSI brings the latest information to their clients regarding technology, the markets, agriculture and the world by staying informed and updated.

Mobile Cellphone App

Dalevest provides a free service through a mobile cellphone App, regarding all agricultural commodities on SAFEX. Dalevest was thought up by a farmer’s son who took the initiative to bring a hands-on and informative application to farmers around South Africa.

App Features
  1. Live SAFEX prices

  2. Technical and fundamental analysis

  3. Price graphs

  4. Buy and sell signals.

  5. Weather forecasts

  6. Daily reporting through push notifications

  7. Inter user forum

Download the app