Russellstone Logistics

RussellStone Logistics, a company that supplies a total logistical solution to a large number of companies in the agricultural and mining industry. We also support the logistics chain for the companies in the RussellStone Group.

RussellStone Logistics originated as a division from within the the RussellStone Group. The RussellStone Group is prominent player in the local agricultural, financial services and energy value chain. Our goal is to create new and sustainable opportunities and we realize this through passion, service and integrity.

At RussellStone Logistics our service areas in Southern Africa is diverse to a point that we’ll be able to meet most objectives given through to us. As global competition has increased, distribution management decision-making has become increasingly complex. The need to gain greater efficiency from Southern Africa logistics service providers is now crucial to any company wanting to focus on key skills and core competence.

The fastest growing area within the framework of distribution and logistics service management is the ability to provide reliable supply chain services from start to finish. With this in mind we at RussellStone Logistics can supply a fully coordinated logistics solution to our clients.

Our vision is to become nationally the top preferred supplier of excellence in the logistics industry. Realising our vision, RussellStone Logistics focuses on selected markets, while we utilise our resources, assets, distribution network and reach, intellectual capital, best practices and appropriate technology, both from within our Group of companies and through strategic alliances with other leading service providers.

Synergy became the key to our company’s successful formula. Each of its divisions are specialists in their respective fields and collectively offer holistic supply chain solutions, ultimately adding value to the core business of Russellstone Logistics’s equally impressive client base.

Our Specialties
  • Bulk Products
  • Bagged Products
  • Distribution networks
  • Warehousing
  • Earthmoving Equipment & Machinery