Farming and Movement of Cattle

Grainvest Livestock was established when Grainvest Physicals invested in a privately owned livestock company who’s trading principles and strategies matched those of the Grainvest Family. Synergism in the back to back trading, and customer service with customers in common resulted in the perfect match.

While Grainvest Physicals source the best deals for the grains and raw materials,  Grainvest Livestock source the best deals for weaners to be sold to the feedlots. With our specialized marketing strategy animals are offered to the feedlots, best suited according to their breed, sex, weight, age, history and appearance.

It is our Vision to establish Grainvest Livestock as a role – player and market leader in direct transactions nationally between producers and off takers  (the feedlots) by building relationships, strategic alliances and the development of accurate market intelligence to ensure optimal prices for producers.

Grainvest Livestock also trades Supers, and C- grade carcasses between producers and Abattoirs, and between Abattoir and retailer, making us involved in the whole beef supply chain.

We are also involved in other countries like Namibia to make sure we are well informed of international trends – always.

Bovelder Cattle