Maize Milling Plant

Ingogo Mills is a maize milling plant located half way between Newcastle and Volksrust. Ingogo Mills is the producer of the superior maize meal and regional brand leader “Sutha Super.”

Ingogo is close to various large markets which puts Ingogo at an advantage. Ingogo Mills has the capacity to mill 40,000 MT annually.

Sunflower Crushing Plant

Grainvest Oil is our Sunflower crushing plant situated in Bethlehem which is currently up and running. The plant has the capacity to crush up to 50,000 MT annually.

The sunflower meal that is produced goes to the animal feed industry and the oil goes for human consumption.

  1. To be the milling company of customer’s preference, providing products and services of a high quality and reputation.

  2. To become the leading regional brand and being the supplier of choice.

  3. Quality – to be distinguished by providing consistently safe and reliable quality products, through our people and technology.

  4. To meet and exceed supplier, customer and consumer expectations.

  5. Our focus on maintaining a strong brand presence and understanding customer preferences.

  6. Being close to our raw materials – within a 50 km radius, enough maize is produced to meet the mill’s capacity.

  7. Having adequate on-site storage to save on transport costs, due to the symbiotic relationship between Ingogo and the adjacent ALS silo complex.

  8. Being close to our market – Newcastle, Madadeni and Osizweni areas are all within a 150km radius of Ingogo Mills. The mill is thus well-positioned to service a great part of KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga