Grainvest Farming


Grainvest Farming specialises in the planting of agricultural commodities such as Maize and Soya. Approximately 1 000 ha are under planting.

Grainvest Farming had its humble beginnings in Winterton KZN in 2005 on 33ha, with our first crop being Soya Beans. We grew from there to our operation now in Normandien – KZN, New Castle area, where we cultivate 1000 ha of irrigated and dry land fields with maize and soya beans on rotation basis.

We practice a minimum tillage farming practice, for optimum moisture preservation and economic input costs management.

We are members of the Bovelder Study Group with our Bovelder cattle herd, and strive for optimum fertlility and maximum wean percentages for optimal profits and value adding on our cow’s and heifers.

Ibis Piggery

Grainvest acquired a stake in a piggery in Polokwane. This is Grainvest’ first investment in the South African pig industry, and is very excited to enter this farming segment and contribute with our skill set.

Kalahari Malapo Farms

With Grainvest’ strong relationships build over the years, we went into a Joint Venture near Cairns in North Queensland, Australia. With our parntners,  already settled and successful in their farming operations in sugar cane, Avocado’s and Mango’s, we took the opportunity to co – invest with them in a new farm to optimize the resources available to them.

The JV only cultivates sugarcane at the moment, but we have the vision to expand into avocados in the near future.

Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness – Thomas Jefferson
Current Portfolio
  1. Plaas Leokop, Normandien, Kzn

  2. Farm the Neck, Normandien, Kzn

  3. Farm Redcliff, Normandien, Kzn

  4. Plaas Bradford, Normandien, Kzn