The Lockdown period has led to a newfound respect for our local food producers.

Bacon, eggs, milk, fruit, juice, sandwiches, steak, salad, braaied mielies. We take the ready availability of such food for granted.

We have been assured of uninterrupted supply during the lockdown period aimed at halting the spread of coronavirus in South Africa.

SA is an agriculturally endowed country, generally a net exporter of agricultural and food products. There are high prospects for an abundant harvest of staple grains and fruit this year, which will increase local supplies.

With that said do you spare a few moments to think about the farmer and his employees before you take a rip at the lettuce in your salad? Hardworking dedicated individuals are behind every bite, working hours on end to ensure that you keep enjoying fresh produce.

Agriculture is one of the country’s key economic pillars. However, since the announcement of the national lockdown, the sector was declared an essential service. Now, with the harvesting season in the sector, particularly for maize, sunflower and peanuts, amongst others, is fast approaching.

With most farms on a business as usual motto, some are really taking the toll of the lockdown. Having to cutdown on workers to maintain positive social distancing, but expected to produce the same scale of produce is hectic. However, they stay committed and continue producing.

We at Grainvest applaud all the farmers of SA.